Christmas in July, THE necklace

Hi! If it’s your 1st time here, WELCOME! Today is the end of Week 2 of the Christmas in July make-a-long hosted by Underground Crafter! Since it’s Friday, and also because I am quite the enabler, today’s project will allow many, many entries in your name… or gifts for many people on your list : teachers, friends, last minute ideas… only your imagination will stop you.

And your leftovers!


Years ago, I ‘created’ a friendship bracelet – a way to introduce children to chains (and sneakily to crochet!).

But recently I thought… WAIT A MINUTE! I have yards and yards of stunning, handdyed leftover yarn, beautiful buttons, lovely stitch markers… can’t I find a way to repurpose them.

And so I came up with these :

Here is the RECIPE :


  1. Yards of leftover yarn, handdyed or other
  2. Button (switch it up with other things to dangle from your yarn!)
  3. Appropriate size hook for your yarn
  4. Tapestry needle, scissors.


  1. Ch 10. Sl st in 1st ch to form loop. (Buttonloop formed; Make sure your button fits through the loop snuggly; adjust accordingly.)
  2. Ch 150*. Finish off!

Using the tail end, attach button to last chain. Tie 2 knots to secure. Cut.

*You can DEFINITELY play with this number. Don’t have enough yarn for 150, chain less. Having too much fun to stop? Don’t!

The more chains, the more you can wind the length around your neck. Either to wear as a choker, or to wear as a longer necklace.

I love how versatile this piece is. Oh, and true to the original idea, you can definitely also wear this as a bracelet!

Wondering about my leftovers? I have some ArtYarns (the gold & sequined), and some Illimani Yarn (the white/gray).

The Celtic heart is from CreartLaine.

The button heart is … a mystery!