I interviewed : Mon Petit Violon


This week, I want you to get to know Vita, of Mon Petit Violon.




She’s a super talented designer & a person we all like for her sweetness and generosity.  I got to test a few patterns for her.  Always super clear & easy to complete, you’ll see some of my favorites throughout the interview.

Tell me your fave!

How/when did you start crocheting?

I learned to crochet when I was a small girl. My grandmother taught me. At the same time I also learned to knit and at the beginning I was much more interested about knitting. Only with time I realized how much more I actually love crocheting.

Do you have a favorite pattern or item of yours?

It is difficult to say, because I love all my patterns. But the most popular pattern of mine is the one for Baby Ankle Boots. I think that it is the pattern which brought me a real success.

When/why did you start producing, and selling your own patterns?

I started to write and sell my patterns more or less 4 years ago. But I must admit that I never liked to follow someone else’s patterns. I was buying crochet and knitting magazines with patterns, but just for an inspiration, then I was doing everything in my own way. Probably already at that time it was a sign that I should be a designer.

Crochet Mittens - Mon Petit Violon
Crochet Mittens – Mon Petit Violon

How did you come up with the name ‘Mon Petit Violon’?

Well, it comes from my husband. He is a professional musician and he is French. When I was thinking about giving the name to my shop I thought that it would be fun to call it “my little violin”, but in French. He has his violin and I have mine – my little violin.

What’s been the most rewarding thing about having your online business?

The most rewarding thing is that I can work from home. I can organize my time as I want and as I need; I can always put my family on the first place; I can be at any place of the world without stopping to work… and I am my own boss! What can be better?! Of course there are also bad sides of having your own bussines, but it is already another story.

Crochet Slippers - Mon Petit Violon
Crochet Slippers – Mon Petit Violon

Name another crocheter or designer online store you particularly admire?

Well, there are many, many talented designers around. I can’t say that I admire one particularly. There was one Etsy shop (it doesn’t exist anymore) which inspired me to open my own. The lady, the owner of that shop was making marvelous baby booties and accessories. Through that shop I discovered Etsy. I was admiring her work for long and was very grateful that thanks to her I opened my own shop and all what came after that decision totally changed my life.

What can we wish Mon Petit Violon for the future? Any secret projects??

I started to collaborate with UK crochet magazine – Inside Crochet. Recently there was published

Crochet Pattern - Mon Petit Violon
Crochet Pattern – Mon Petit Violon

interview with me and in next issues some my patterns will be published as well.
I am also trying to make my blog more interesting and as in this field I have a lack of knowledge and skills I joined the class “Behind the Scenes” – http://www.reflectionofyou.org/register/
I like to do everything by myself and that’s why I am always looking for the ways to learn something new.

I have some other projects, but they are secret for the moment! It is a bad sign to talk about something what is only in “idea” stage. Isn’t it?!

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Thank you, Julie!

Thank you, Vita!

You’ll find Vita in the following web spaces :

BLOG : http://monpetitviolon.blogspot.ca/

PATTERN SHOP : http://www.etsy.com/shop/monpetitviolon#

ITEM SHOP : http://www.etsy.com/shop/crochetvalley

FREE PATTERNS : http://monpetitviolon.blogspot.ca/2009/07/free-patterns.html

Baby Booties - Mon Petit Violon
Baby Booties – Mon Petit Violon