Design Wars Challenge: about Goshen, the yarn

For this challenge, my second using Valley Yarns, I picked Goshen. Goshen is a Cotton, Modal and Silk blend that comes in 25 colours. 25! And all of them lovely, too!

From the website:

We fell in love with this yarn at first sight. Valley Yarns Goshen is very soft! The Modal® and silk not only add a slight sheen, but also durablity. Garments will not pill and will stand the test of time. Made in Peru.

I knew I wanted to make a wearable item for Spring and Summer, so I chose some light neutral colours, and added a touch of a brighter colour to the mix for an interesting punch.

Valley Yarns Goshen - ACCROchet
Valley Yarns Goshen – ACCROchet

This mix of fibers results in a yarn with no elasticity, so you don’t have to worry about your item losing its shape as it’s worn. It also makes for a wearable that you’ll be able to wash over and over without seeing any deterioration or pilling of the fiber. This makes Goshen perfect for wearables for yourself, but also for children and babies who are likely going to need to be washed pretty often!

Valley Yarns Goshen - ACCROchet
Valley Yarns Goshen – ACCROchet

Thanks to the silk content, Goshen has a lovely sheen to it, which definitely goes a long way into giving your item a polished look. The definition of your stitches will be crisp and clean, so I recommend using this fiber to show off the beauty of open work crochet.

I can’t say enough good things about Goshen. A definitely great find!


Content: 48% Peruvian cotton / 46% Modal / 6% Silk

Care: Hand wash

Weight: Worsted, 50g (92 yds)


Come back tomorrow to see my design!

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Julie xx