Better World Books

Hey guys,

I thought I’d let you know of the place where I buy most of my books from – for crochet, for reading, and for gifting.

Better World Books

I buy from Better World Books for 3 main reasons: each book I buy sends a book to a less fortunate person & each book that is shipped to me, BWB buys carbon offsets for. Also, shipping is free.

It’s true that sometimes the books are a few dollars more expensive, but I think that in order to make the world a better place, those dollars are dollars I can spare.

I hope you’ll consider their website the next time you decided to buy books online =)

Julie xx

PS I am not a Better World Books affiliate; this is just me talking to you about a service I love.



From their website:

Better World Books is among a unique and growing group of triple bottom line companies who understand that profit is not the only way to measure business success. People also matter. And so does the planet on which we all live.

For Better World Books, the triple bottom line comes in lots of forms. From helping to build a nursing library in Somaliland to offering customers carbon neutral shipping on every book they buy, doing good is not just a part of Better World Books’ business—it is the business.

Social: power to the people

We love literacy programs like Room to ReadBooks for AfricaWorldfundNational Center for Family Literacy, and our 80 other literacy partners. They provide the building blocks for children and families to learn, grow, and share in the vast collection of human knowledge committed to paper. It just makes sense that a bookstore ought to generate funding for these programs, and we do it with every book we sell.

Environmental: love your mother

We’ve gone from a carbon offset program that covered emissions generated when books were shipped to our customers, to one that covers emissions associated both with shipping and our company’s other operations and activities. Thanks to a careful audit of our emissions, we now know our total carbon footprint and are taking steps towards balancing out the carbon emissions generated from all of our organization’s activities. Giddy up!

We worked with Sustainable Business Consulting and followed the World Resources Institute Greenhouse Gas Protocol to develop the methodology used to calculate our carbon inventory. Then we partnered with 3Degrees, a leading green power and carbon balancing services provider, to purchase the appropriate number of Renewable Energy Certificates and verified carbon offsets (namely, wind) to get Better World Books carbon balanced. A few cents collected from every customer at checkout helps fight global warming by providing support to wind projects that help avoid carbon dioxide emissions.

Couple that with the National Postal Service. They use the lowest energy per package of any carrier, thereby generating the least amount of carbon in the first place. We use local post offices whenever we can – so be sure to choose eco-shipping on checkout.

Of course, our greatest contribution of all is finding homes for books. We’ve even heard horror stories about librarians dumping unwanted tomes down a well at midnight because they couldn’t find a good home for them. We gladly accept these orphan books and work hard to find new readers for them. So far, we’ve kept over 8,000 tons of books out of landfills.


Economic: true accounting

As this is the end of the page, it’s a good time to talk about our last bottom line.

We understand the importance of running a profitable enterprise. But while most businesses answer only to their shareholders, we answer equally to all of our key stakeholders: our employees, our customers, our literacy partners, our investors and the environment.

By accounting for and supporting the long-term viability of those who have a stake in our success, profit takes on a much broader and richer meaning, To prove our commitment, we’ve signed on as a founding B-Corporation joining a growing international network of purpose-driven businesses dedicated to setting a new standard for social and environmental performance.

We hope you’ll visit our parent site Better World Books, to learn how to get involved. Together, we truly can build a Better World.