Designer Remix Event : The Country Willows x ACCROchet


Get the original, free crochet pattern from The Country Willows right here.

The original of this hat was thought for Bernat POP yarn : a lovely DK yarn with very long defined striping. I didn’t have any, and really wanted to destash 2 unknown yarns I thought would work well together – but were a bit chunkier (heavy worsted, I think). It was also designed for a child (20” head) – but no. I wanted this hat for myself. Selfish, I know XD.

Gauge is listed at 5 rows and 7 sts for a 4” square, so I used that to adapt the number of stitches to my big head. I also saw that the pattern used a 2 stitch repeat, so I made sure to respect that.

After that, I simply followed the pattern, adding one 2-row repeat to account for height. Easy peasy!

AND because I am that kind of person, I had a bunch of pompoms laying around, so I popped one on top of this baby and here we are.

I’ve been wearing this hat now that temps have consistently been under the 0 degrees Celcisu mark, and have been getting so many compliments, it’s ALMOST making me sad that it’s not one of my own designs, haha! Congrats, to Sheri Ann for a beautiful pattern, and to Kirsten for setting up this event.