Designer remix event!

Do you ever see a pattern and think : “This would be so awesome with ___________”? Designers do too! In fact, this was the genesis to a lot of us remixing so much, that we eventually felt inspired enough on our own to start a piece from scratch.

Enter the Designer Remix Event or #crochetdesignerremix

designer remix event

Kirsten Holloway, of beautiful, lacy, Kirsten Holloway Designs challenged certain crochet designers to remix fellow designers’ patterns.  Through November, follow the adventures of designers like Pam, of Sincerely Pam, Sheri of The Country Willows, or Sonya of Blackstone Designs.

A reminder, per Kirsten : “It’s important to note we all asked for, and received permission from each other to do these add-ons. Remixing for your own personal use is usually fine, but always, always, check with the designer, and get their permission first if you ever wish to publish an add-on. Designing crochet patterns is a lot of work and respecting the designer’s wishes gets you far in this community.”

Follow this event here, share it on your social media with #crochetdesignerremix, and come back here on November 23rd to see which pattern I chose to remix!

Julie xx