Eco-Friendly, Bamboo Crochet Hooks

This is a guest post from the lovely people at Knitters Pride.

Finding the perfect tools for your hobby can be overwhelming, especially if you are new to it.

We would like to show you all the advantages of bamboo crochet hooks and why they can be a great addition to your tool box. Read on to find out more.

Knitters Pride bamboo hooks in a storage pouch.

Do Bamboo Crochet Hooks Work?

Yes, they do! Bamboo crochet hooks are a great choice for all new crocheters as they are very easy to use.

They give enough friction for beginners to easily handle the stitches without losing them easily. Over the time they will become smoother and therefore evolve with the users’ skills.

Due to the characteristics of bamboo, they are very strong but light at the same time. Breaking a bamboo crochet hook is not easily done. So, if you are still working out the right tension you don’t have to worry about overstressing your crochet hook.

Are Bamboo or Metal Crochet Hooks Better?

Both materials have their pros and cons, but for beginner crocheters we certainly recommend bamboo crochet hooks. They are lighter than metal hooks and you will be less likely to lose a stitch with a bamboo hook.

Metal crochet hooks are very sturdy and slippery, which can be a challenge for novice crocheters. They work well with toothy yarn that doesn’t slide well.

How Do I Make My Bamboo Crochet Hook Smoother?

The more you use your bamboo crochet hook, the smoother it gets. It will absorb the natural oils of your hands and the lanolin from your wool.

Some makers like to use bees wax from time to time to preserve the material and make them smoother. Make sure to clean your crochet hook with a dry cloth before applying any bee’s wax.

Knitters Pride bamboo hook

Bamboo – Environmentally Friendly

Bamboo is a natural material that is sourced from fast growing bamboo grass. The grow rate and the harvesting methods make it an evergreen sustainable material.

All of our bamboo hooks are made out of finest quality Japanese bamboo. This bamboo is harvested at a more mature state making it even stronger.

Are There Different Kinds of Bamboo Crochet Hooks?

Yes, there are. We have different kind of bamboo crochet hooks in our catalogue.

We have the most commonly used single ended crochet hook that you probably already know. But you will also be able to find Afghan crochet hooks in our range of products.

Knitters Pride bamboo hook

If you would like to get different kind of sizes of crochet hooks, have a look at our bamboo crochet set. This set includes 8 different kinds of sizes including Tunisian and Afghan crochet hooks as well as a whole range of accessories like cables and cord connectors.


Bamboo crochet hooks are the go-to tool for all novice crocheters, as they provide sturdiness and easy use without being overly expensive. If you would like to see the whole range of our bamboo hooks make sure to visit our website.