Head start on the holidays – pattern bundles! (Time sensitive)

This bundle is now gone, but you can still purchase the 2 patterns I’d included on Ravelry: the Sleeping Nancy elf hat and the Toutoumou softie.

I had so much fun with the last crochet pattern bundle I joined that I did not hesitate to hop onto this opportunity. Marie (Underground Crafter) and Mary Beth (Hooked for Life) have a fun take on these, only accepting patterns that have not been in previous bundles, or patterns that are not available for free.

These pattern bundles are for those of you who want to get a head start on your holiday crochet.

(I wish that were me!)

As with previous bundles, these will only be available for a few days before vanishing forever. No extensions. No repeats. No kidding.

Head Start on the Holidays Bundles

There are 2 pattern bundles to choose from – or to purchase together for an even sweeter deal!


The Crochet for Me pattern bundle includes 35 crochet patterns by 26 designers for just US$19 (89% off the price of buying each pattern individually and just 55¢ each).

There are hats and scarves, sweaters and jewelry items, and even some home décor. I have 2 patterns in this bundle: the Sleeping Nancy elf hat and the Toutoumou softie. I also have an exclusive offer for anyone purchasing the pattern bundle(s) with my link!


Whether you purchase Crochet for Me, Knit for Me, or both pattern bundles via my link, you’ll get a code for 40% off all your pattern purchases in my Ravelry shop until the end of 2021!

I don’t do a lot of sales, as you know… If you’ve been waiting for one, this is it.


The Knit for Me pattern bundle includes 26 knitting patterns by 14 designers for just US$17 (88% off the price of buying each pattern individually and just 66¢ each).

While I don’t knit myself, I know some of my readers do so I want to make sure you know that If you purchase both bundles together, you save even more! Crazy, I know.


Now you know how this works. These bundles will only be available for a VERY LIMITED TIME. These offers are only available through August 27, 2021 at 11:59 PM Eastern, and will absolutely not be extended or repeated.

So just to recap what you get:

35 crochet patterns

26 knitting patterns

An opportunity to purchase both bundles for an even LOWER price (this offer will pop up at checkout, regardless of the link you follow).

An exclusive 40% discount on any patterns in my Ravelry shop (new or old) for the rest of the year…

But wait, there’s more…

[in my best infomercial voice]

If all of that is not enough to convince you that you need this bundle here’s one more great thing. Once you gain access to the patterns you ALSO get a file with extra discount codes for additional products offered by some of our amazing designer friends. And, there’s a 15-day money back guarantee so you have absolutely nothing to lose.

If you have any questions, leave a comment or email me.

xo Julie