Featured Fiber Artist: Amber of Divine Debris


I am quite fortunate to have in my life a LOT of crochet designers & other avid crocheters, yarn addicts, and creative people. I believe that we all have a space in the crochet world, and as such, I want to introduce you to them.

It’s in this spirit that I want you to meet Amber, and make sure to read to the end: I have a coupon for you!

Here are only 2 of her beautiful crochet patterns:

You’ll find the Luna shawl here, and the Sally Skulls bag here.


About Amber:

Amber Millard is the designer behind Divine Debris. Although she was taught to crochet as a child, she didn’t pick up a hook again until she began working at a craft store about 6 years ago. The inspiration for her designs comes from just about everything, including crochet stitches and popular trends in clothing and jewelry fashion, but most importantly her perpetually filled coffee cup. In what began as the rediscovering of a long-forgotten hobby, for Amber, Divine Debris has become a fun, at times exhausting, but ultimately a very rewarding blogging/ business venture.



Use the code DivineDebris to get 25% off your purchase in Amber’s Ravelry shop right now!


You can follow Amber on:

Twitter @divinedebrisweb

Instagram @divinedebris

Pinterest @divinedebris


and on her website!


Julie xx


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