Let something go.

This week, I did a thing. A scary one. I announced I was closing my Facebook group. 😱😂😱

Why? Because 2021 is my year for simplifying. That group, as it exists, isn’t working. It does not serve its members and it does not serve me. I’ve finally come to the conclusion that I need to close it.

I won’t lie: this decision has been a LONG time coming, but every single time I have wanted to pull the plug, I’ve been hit with a case of FOMO and pulled back. Except… not this time.

And it is SO LIBERATING. It’s not like I’m vanishing. I can be found in SO MANY PLACES (as evidenced by the link to all the places in my about page).

So this whole message is to say: if something is draining you without giving back. Let it go.

You can go to https://www.accrochet.com/about/ if you need to know where to find me.

xo Julie