Featured Fiber Artist: Luz of Luz Patterns

I am quite fortunate to have in my life a LOT of crochet designers & other avid crocheters, yarn addicts, and creative people. I believe that we all have a space in the crochet world, and as such, I want to introduce you to them.

It’s in this spirit that I want you to meet Luz Patterns.

Here are only 3 of Luz’s beautiful crochet patterns:

Find the Bag here, the Slippers here, and the Wrap here.

Here is what Luz has to say about herself & her design work:


My name is Luz Mendoza and I am originally from Spain, from the beautiful Island of Tenerife. I moved to the UK over 20 years ago, and live in London with my better half, a wonderful english man, and my three children, a boy and identical twin girls.

I crochet, knit, sew, cook, bake and eat, laugh, play, hug, kiss… basically I am in love with life!

I have decided to write crochet patterns that are mostly inspired by my kids. Sometimes it is what I think they need or like, and sometimes it is just a plain request!, ‘mummy can you make me a…’

The best part is to see their faces when I give them something that I have made, ‘mummy, you made it for me?’, I love it!

I went to check out pictures of the Island of Tenerife… I am in LOVE.

Luz is also developing fun and easy knitting patterns, and has a passion for upcycling. Her blog will soon be showing a bit more of that, with some fun DIY tutorials! Don’t miss it!

Julie xx

PS Luz is currently celebrating her 46th birthday with a sale in her shops. This sale ends TODAY so go and enjoy it quickly!

on Etsy

or on Ravelry!

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