I tested: Crafted by You crochet kits

I recently received a gorgeous gift from my Crochet Savvy magazine collaborators: a Crafted by You crochet kit for the most elegant item in the Elegance collection. Oooh, I swooned. Must.make.naow!

So what is a Crafted by You crochet kit? Here’s the answer straight from the website:

At Crafted we value craft…

We value the talent and the time that it takes to craft. We know
that everything you craft you give the best
of time and talent to enjoy.

Now, for our Elegance collection we are delighted to give you a selection of nine crochet
jewellery designs to enjoy in the crafted.ie self crochet kit.  Your selection of earrings,
cuffs and neck pieces in pure cotton dressed with Swarovski pearls to crochet & bead.

Natural yarns, quality Swarovski pearls mounted for you, your crafted.ie pattern & your
own crochet hook.  In every crafted.ie kit we aim to give you the best to enjoy making
award-winning designs in crochet jewellery.  A delight for you to crochet or to give as
a gift to a friend.

Since first presenting her designs in crochet jewellery in 2011 at Showcase, Ireland’s
leading design exhibition, Yvonne Beale’s designs have been recognised with awards
in Ireland and the United States.  In 2012 Yvonne also had the pleasure to present
her award-winning Dress Collar to First Lady, Michelle Obama on her visit to Ireland.
Now Yvonne is delighted to bring the pleasure of making this design & more to you
with the Crafted by You crochet kits.


Nice, huh?

So here’s what I received:

And here’s what I made with what I received:

Crafted by you
Crafted by you


  • The kits are gorgeous! That is absolutely self-evident.
  • Very nice project & colour selection.
  • The pattern explanations are easy enough to understand.
  • US and UK crochet terms included.
  • The quality of the supplies is undeniable.
  • The price-point is reasonnable.
  • The end result is stunning.


  • Insufficient thread. *See update below.

I got to the end of the 2nd to last motif with a foot of yarn left, so definitely not enough to make the last motif. Sadly, there was not enough gauge info (only the measurement of the starting chain was included) to let me know if the insufficient amount of thread was my fault. (Not that that would have changed anything as all my ends were woven in anyway.

I could’ve found some thread to match to make that last motif, but I liked this old rose version better =)

Update: After reading my review, Yvonne offered to send me the thread needed to complete my motifs. What’s more, all kits will now contain more thread, so you don’t have to worry about this issue anymore. I love when people are there for their customers. Perfect response and action taken.


Lovely, lovely kit to create a lovely, lovely piece that I will definitely wear to a special event or two.

I’m convinced these will make great gifts for my crocheting friends, and for myself..!

Have you ever tried Crafted by You crochet kits? Would you try them?

Julie xx