Friends: The one with the crochet patterns!

I’ve been keeping this secret for sooooooooo long! There is a new Friends Episode and it’s The one with the crochet patterns!

Last year, Lee Sartori invited me and many other fantastic crochet pattern designers into another book adventure, this one for iconic TV show Friends. It was so easy to say yes: Lee and Insight Editions are easy to work with and I knew the book would be top quality.

That same day, I started working on design submissions and we eventually landed on the dotted socks you see on the bottom left of the possibly tentative book cover. I then contacted Stéphane of Fibrelya and he quickly agreed to send me the yarn I needed to crochet the socks.

Though relatively simple, the socks were not the most straightforward to design. I wanted the dots to pop, and I wanted to avoid too many ends. Working over them wasn’t going to work: the bold colours were peeking through the white base. Eventually, with my second demo, I gave in to the inevitable and the resulting sock pattern is even better than I’d imagined that first day.

Special offer

The book launches in April, but you can already preorder it on Amazon or your favorite library. Once you’ve preordered your book, hit the button below to fill out the form to receive your bonus pattern.

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xo Julie