Hero Creations: The eco-friendly 3D row/stitch counter that’s revolutionizing the crochet world

In the crochet world, one accessory is causing quite a stir: the row/stitch counter from Hero Creations. In this review, I’ll tell you why this innovative, eco-friendly and customizable tool has become a must-have for all crochet enthusiasts.

I’d like to thank Fil de Cristal for thinking of me to test this counter! I received the counter free of charge and as usual, I’ve included an honest review.

I recently had the opportunity to try out the row and stitch counter created by Hero Creations, a Quebec-based company specializing in 3D printing. I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised by the quality and functionality of this product. Here’s why I think it’s an essential accessory for any crocheter or knitter.

Hero Creations gray and pink stitch and row counter
Hero Creations stitch and row counter

Why I love it

(1) First, the choice of PLA (polylactic acid), a plant-based plastic, for the production of this counter is an environmentally-friendly choice that deserves to be applauded. Not only is it eco-friendly, but it also offers durability that guarantees this counter will be a long-lasting companion in our crochet projects. No waste here.

(2) Another major advantage of this counter is its size. Unlike many row or stitch counters, which are all too easy to lose at the bottom of your bag, this one is bigger and easier to handle. This means it’s always at hand when you need it, without having to rummage around in your bag for a small accessory.

(3) The design of the counter is intelligent and well thought-out. The numbers are clearly visible and remain in place once turned, avoiding any confusion or error in counting your stitches or rows.

Amusingly, it comes pre-positioned on the number 777, a small detail that shows the attention to detail and geekiness of the people who created it.

(4) What really sets this row/stitch counter apart from others on the market is the customization it offers. Designed by enthusiasts, it lets us choose the colours, the number of sections, the number of rings per section and even whether or not the numbers are recessed on the rings. This flexibility makes it a versatile tool that can adapt to all our personal preferences.

Hero Creations stitch and row counter placed on Tunisian crochet fabric.
Hero Creations stitch and row counter

Do I recommend it?


Hero Creations’ row and stitch counter is a really well-made product that deserves to be in every crocheter’s or knitter’s toolkit. Its environmentally-friendly manufacture, clever design and customization make it an invaluable accessory for anyone working on projects requiring precise counting.

I highly recommend it to all crochet enthusiasts. Thanks to Hero Creations for this innovation that makes our creative passion so much easier.

For a limited time, use code ACCROCHET10 on Héro Creations to save 10% on your purchase of a personalized counter.

xo Julie