Tunisian hook set review: Knitter’s Pride Ginger

In December, I received a Knitter’s Pride Ginger Interchangeable Tunisian hook set for review. Now that I’ve had a chance to truly work with it, here is my review.

Knitter's pride interchangeable Tunisian hook set contents
New favourite interchangeable hook set : Knitter’s Pride Ginger

What’s included in the Knitter’s Pride Ginger Interchangeable Tunisian hook set :

  • 12 laminated wood hooks with laser-engraved size (sizes E-3.5 mm, F-3.75 mm, G-4 mm, 7-4.5 mm, H-5 mm, I-5.5 mm, J-6 mm, K-6.5 mm, L-8 mm, M-9 mm, N-10 mm and 12 mm)
  • 4 cord lengths (24 in/60 cm, 2x 32 in/80 cm, 40 in/100 cm)
  • 8 end caps
  • 4 cord keys
  • 1 set of cord connectors*
  • Magnetized pattern holder + 3 magnets
  • Pen
  • 20 stitch markers*
  • Instructions for attaching and tightening the cords*
  • Vegan leather case with large pocket, foldable into a neat pattern holder

Tunisian hook set review: The pros and the caveats


  • Not gonna lie : this is a GORGEOUS set, and very complete. I do think that’s pretty important if you’re going to spend this much on a set.
  • These sets are made and put together in Knitter’s Pride’s factory, located in Rajasthan, India. Knitter’s Pride employs 350+ women artisans there.
  • You really don’t often (ever) get that many quality hooks in a single set.
  • The hooks and matching pen are made from ethical wood, sourced from sustainable forests.
  • The end caps are super lightweight! I used the 5 mm hook with the smallest cord to work on my revamp of the Orchard shawl (coming soon). I’d been using another hook, with a heavier (and more annoying) end cap before receiving the set, and am glad I switched. I don’t think I’d realized yet that it wasn’t the cord annoying me, but the end of it!
  • The hooks glide beautifully in the yarn. They don’t catch on anything ever. They don’t squeak.
Textured crochet fabric with Tunisian crochet hook
5 mm Tunisian Ginger hook and Expression Fiber Arts yarn


  • The set of cord connectors were missing in my set.
  • The stitch markers are not for crocheters, but for knitters. Oops? This can happen when people are less familiar with crochet.
  • This one is petty, I know, but the instructions provided for tightening the cords have pictures for needles. It’s a small thing, but I noticed it.


I have a new favourite interchangeable Tunisian hook set.

Yeah, it’s gorgeous. BUT mostly it’s really well made and quite complete.

I could not get over how different it felt to work with this hook and cord for the last few weeks, after getting annoyed with the one I’d previously been using without knowing exactly why.

It’s a splurge, but one I highly encourage you to consider if you’re on the market for a new set of interchangeable Tunisian hooks!

xo Julie