How to crochet socks, step by step

I’ve been writing patterns and teaching people how to make crochet socks step by step for years now, but every week I see someone on F*c*b**k comment that crochet socks aren’t comfortable/as comfortable as knit ones. Often, these comments are very detailed. Often, these people are absolutely convinced. They’ve tried both. Crochet just doesn’t cut it.

It’s just not true.

There is an unsavoury myth that claims that crochet socks are less comfortable than knit ones. My answer to this? It’s only true if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Sure, crochet and knitting produce very different fabrics. That said, both techniques can be used to create whatever you want to create as long as you understand how each one works!

How to crochet socks, step by step

I’m preparing a workshop for next month in which I will explain exactly how to crochet socks customized to your foot.

I will teach you the simple math needed to create a pair of socks customized to your foot, ankle and leg.

I’ll teach you:

  • The importance of the gauge swatch (obviously)
  • The required measurements
  • The sections of the sock :
    • Toe
    • Foot
    • Gusset
    • Heel
    • Leg
  • The calculations needed for each section

You’ll even learn how to play with different stitches for your future creations. You’ll leave this workshop knowing how to design perfect socks… and quiet those ugly rumours.

Socks, socks and more socks

Until then, here are plenty of socks to whet your appetite ! Links to each are under the mosaic, in alphabetical order.

A Family Story, ACCROchet

Blueberry Field, ACCROchet

Bucheron, Sylvie Damey

Emilia, Mëlie

Marguerite, Sylvie Damey

Mint Chocolate Chip, ACCROchet

The Rialto Socks, Han Jan Crochet

St-Laurent, Akroche Tatuk

Speira, Mëlie

To see my complete collection of crochet sock patterns, click here.

To make your crochet socks using Tunisian crochet, here are two must-see links:

Recette de Bas au crochet tunisien à double tête, vidéo de Nadine de Mère et Fille Tricots.

E-book de 4 patrons de bas au crochet tunisien à double tête, Mère et Fille Tricots (photo)

I will be teaching this workshop for the first time at the Twist Fiber Festival.

To register, click here.

xo Julie

PS If all else fails and you’re finding all my socks options too tedious, this La Rose du Rang pattern may be just for you!