Learn to embroider on crochet

The fabric created by single crochet is the perfect backdrop to learn to embroider on crochet. Following patterns allows us to crochet without having to think too much, but to make our crochet projects unique, there’s nothing quite like making good use of embroidery techniques!

I’m preparing a workshop for later this summer/fall in which I will teach how to draw and write onto your crochet fabric, and the best technique to choose to decorate it how you want to.

No more boring hats or cuffs after this workshop!

Three techniques to embroider on crochet fabric

I asked my crochet colleagues to share their examples of embroidery on crochet. The technique is trending right now so I received too many examples to show them all. Here is a selection.


This is the first technique to learn as it is the one that will make it clear why crochet stitches are perfect for embroidery. I’ve used it myself to decorate my infinity cables (Briana K technique) in the Three of Hearts hat.

Here are some more examples:

From left to right:

Crochet cactus pillow by Stitching Together.

Hola crochet pillow by Stitching Together.

Cross-stitch alien coaster by Eye Love Knots

Cross-stitch letters on single crochet by Once Upon a Cheerio

Surface stitches

With surface stitches, the thread can be anchored to more or less distant stitches, to allow us to almost draw with the needle. I used this technique in my oversized Kravitz scarf.

Here is one of my favourite exemples of surface stitches, the Sashiko Happy Coat by Peppergoose.


There are so many beautiful embroidery stitches that we can use to decorate crochet.

Here are a few examples:

From left to right and top to bottom.

Scandinavian Folk Garland by Lisa M Fox

Nana’s Kitchen Potholder by Raffamusa Designs (the leaves are embroidered)

Embroidered crochet heart by Thoresby Cottage

Crochet phone purse by Kirsten Holloway

Ear saver by Kirsten Holloway

I will be teaching this workshop fpr the first time at the Twist festival.

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