I interviewed : Tricotine et cie

Tricotine et cie opened in Two Moutains, on the North Shore of Montreal, 3 years ago.  Here’s an anecdote about that before we dive into the interview with the shop’s owner, Bianca.

One Halloween night, after trick or treating with Miss ACCROchet, I picked up my mail only to find a card letting me know a yarn shop would soon open in the neighbourhood.  I was pretty much jumping for joy.  At the time, if I wanted yarn my options were Wal MArt and Zellers (now defunct and replaced by Target, which has no yarn).  I was starting to crave luxury yarns regardless of how rare they were around me.  I noticed the card said there would be knitting lessons.  On a whim, I wrote to the e-mail address on the card.  The subject line: ‘how about crochet classes?’.

Now almost 3 years later, I’ve taught many, many students the basics of crochet, gave workshops on making the owl hats by Repeat Crafter Me, and have noticed a growing interest from knitters into my passion.  Tunisian crochet, especially, has been getting people interested in recent weeks.  I love teaching crochet.  I love the passions I create in others, the understanding when the basics click into place, and seeing the very first finished object by a student.

So it is only natural that I would start chronicling LYS with this specific one.  The one that started things for this ex-lonesome crocheter.

Interview with Bianca, owner of Tricotine & cie

Q. Why did you decide to open a yarn shop, and why on Montreal’s North Shore?

A. Knitting is my favorite passtime, and I’ve always dreamed of owning a yarn shop once I’m older.  My husband convinced me not to wait, to do it while I had the energy to most enjoy it.  And I chose the North Shore because there wasn’t much variety on here at the time.  I wanted a place juste for us!

Q. Since the grand opening, how has the shop changed?  What’s cool about having your own shop?    

A. Since the shop opened, I’ve put together an awesome team of teachers, I try to bring in a lot of new things, I love encouraging local artists.  I try to promote designs by my teachers : they create wonderful patterns!  I’ve also discovered a lot of cool things, like Julie Asselin hand-dyed yarns.  I think I have something for every one and every one’s budget.

Q. What classes are offered? I know there are waiting lists, why is that?

A. There are a lot more clients than there were in the begining with all the advertising we’ve done.  I’m very proud of the team I’ve put together.  I have 4 passionate teachers – crochet, knitting, spinning – who love to share their love of their craft & their knowledge with their students.  That’s one of our strengths.  We try to be on top of new techniques.  It’s a warm place where people enjoy themselves.  It’s really a nice place to be creative with like-minded people.

Q. Do you have a favorite yarn?  Do you have enough time to knit?  What place does crochet have at the shop?

A. I really like all of Julie Asselin’s yarns, and Artyarns… I still knit a lot.  The minute I can get a few stitches in I take out my knitting or crochet projects.  And I never go anywhere without a project bag!

I think crocheters are currently about a fifth of my customers.


Thank Bianca!


Tricotine et cie

603, Chemin d’Oka
Québec  J7R 1L5

450 974-1313 / info@tricotine.ca