I interviewed : Mont Tricot, Sutton

If you don’t know Lucinda, you are missing out!  She is a passionate woman, and much more than simply nice.  She’s always in a good mood, loves to show off local artists, and shares so much inspiration on her Facebook page that she is definitely creating more addicts.

Lucinda is also the official representative of  Artyarns in Canada – shops throughout the country count on her to stock up on these luscious fibers.  If you ever meet Lucinda and get her to talk to you about the company, you’ll be hooked too!

I recently asked Lucinda to speak to me about her yarn shop, Mont Tricot, open in Sutton in March 2012.  Here is what she had to say.


(ACCROchet) Why did you decide to open your own yarn shop?

(Lucinda) I’ve always wanted my own business.  Even when I was little, I loved to sell my Guatemalan bracelets.  I eventually became addicted to knitting.  My husband runs ultra-marathons and I wound up with a lot of time on my hands.  So I started to knit.  Everywhere we went for the races, I toured the yarn shops.  I love to say that that’s when my research & development phase began.


And why did you choose to open it in Sutton?

We came to Sutton as tourists and fell in love with the region.  We lived in Vancouver at the time, and sold our downtown condo to move here.  My husband, Gilles, built our house and I found a job in my old field: banking.  But then that job was cut.  I didn’t feel like traveling much that winter.  I wanted to get to know my community better.  That’s how it all started.


Since you opened Mont Tricot, what has changed & how has the shop improved? 

We now have an online store linked to our inventory.  We can ship anywhere in the world & our online clients have access to the same inventory as if they were here.

We also host a lot of events and become a meeting place for fiber people.


What is you very favorite part of having your own yarn shop?

The friends I’ve made and the lovely people I meet.  It’s awesome to see the friendships build and the spirit that surrounds people at the shop.


And what has surprised you most?

The need knitters and crocheters have of sharing their work, their life and their passion with like-minded people.


Mont Tricot is a great shop with a wide range of superb yarns.  What classes do you offer to complete the experience? 

We offer knitting classes, whatever technique is needed, as well as crochet & Tunisian crochet.  We also offer yarn dyeing workshops, or other workshops as requests come in.


Are your clients mostly local, or mostly from elsewhere?

It’s both, really.  I have a lot of local clients, but also people coming in from pretty far away: Laurentides, Lanaudière, Vermont, Québec, Montrea, and further still.  And the online shop sees visits from San Francisco, Malaysia, Israel, England, and everywhere throughout Canada.


And one last thing.  I know from experience that you are super open to crochet.  What place does the technique have at Mont Tricot?  

People still seem to knit more than they crochet, but I like both & try to encourage everything that has to do with fiber : knitting and crochet, but also spinning, felting and rug hooking.


Thanks so much, Lucinda!


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