My love of hooks! Part 2

In my collection, I have a few beautiful wooden hooks.

The first is a Brittany hook I got as a gift a LONG time ago.



From their website:

BRITTANY knitting needles and crochet hooks are made in California from sustainably harvested birch. These finely crafted wooden tools are hand finished and exactly sized. They are not only beautiful to look at but feel warm and smooth in your hands and are a pleasure to work with.

It really is quite comfortable, but a little bit on the long side for me. I have a ‘knife’ hold in crochet, and super close to the tip of the hook, so the extra length is quite cumbersome to me.


Next up, these dark wood hooks I got at Michaels a while ago. I don’t remember who made them (they have since beeen discontinued). Maybe you’ll read this and be able to tell me =) I’ve searched forever (I googled 3 search terms), to no avail.

Unknown origins

*I actually have 4 of these; one is in a project that refuses to be completed.

Again, as with the Britanny hook above, these are beautiful to look at, and awesome to hold, but a little bit cumbersome because of the way I hold my hook when I crochet. Annoyingly, the sizes on these were printed at the top, but crocheting with them for more than 45 seconds erased the sizes. Ugh.


How about this pretty thing:


Unkown origins

Another gift, and another hook of unknown origins. This is a hook I go back to often. It’s much thicker than the other 2 above, and quite a bit shorter, which makes it perfect for me. The size is not written or marked in any way, so I had to guess (6 or 6.5 mm) the size. Perfect for a specific weight of yarn (bulky), I keep this one close to me.


And last for today, this gorgeous RParish Woodworks 5mm hook I recently purchased on Etsy.

Robert Parish


Stunning? I think so. The flower at the top *does* weigh the hook down slightly, but not enough to bother me. It’s a hook that is on the long side, but still a hook I’ll use – especially in public! Even The Man was impressed by the look of it.


What do you think about this part of the collection?

Julie xx

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