My love of hooks! Part 3

I recently decided that I could be sort of reasonable all while pursuing my love of pretty hooks if I limited myself to collecting 5 mm hooks.

Happily Hooked Magazine – a magazine I contribute articles to each month – launched Happy Hooks:  limited edition artisanal hooks. I jumped on this Pixellated Rainbow hook as soon as it launched. With Happy Hooks you can choose a long clay handle or a short one (the one pictured is a short handle) and you can choose between Bates or Boye hooks.

The short handle means this has no added ergonomic benefits, but the hook is freakin’ pretty! I love it.

Hook updates are currently pretty sporadic, so I recommend you sign up to the newletter to know when new hooks are added.

Correction: Since the launch, a new dedicated website has been put together & a number of super cool products have been added. Definitely check it out!

The 2 hooks above are from Etsy Shop Madly Made. In this shop you can choose between wooden or aluminum hooks (Boye or Bates). You can also ask for a thumb rests. They are slightly heavier than I am used to, but after a few rows I don’t feel it anymore.

The hooks are superb and well made. A plus: the size is etched into the top of the handle to compensate for the clay covering the size on the hook.

Madly Made has a huge selection of designs. I’m sure you’ll find something you love in the shop.


Julie xx

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