Our Crochet Universe : custom crochet mini-dolls

When Karine of La Rose du Rang told me about her Crochet Universe project, I gave only one condition: to be the first.

The idea was to create a custom crochet mini-doll of any interested crochet designers and creators. Each crochet mini-doll reveal would be accompanied by an interview and an unboxing video.

I jumped at the chance.

La Rose du Rang’s colourful universe is so inspiring – and even if she doesn’t believe me, Karine is one of the most inspiring women I know.

I am always amazed at how she manages to bring personality to each of the minis no matter how small they are. They have so much character!

My mini (and my Julie-Laine) both sit proudly on my desk.

If you read French (or use the Chrome browser page translator) you can check out my interview here: https://francrochet-lecollectif.com/2020/10/07/la-rose-du-rang-crochete-julie-desjardins/

You’ll also see more pictures if you do =)

Order your very own custom-mini by clicking here. You don’t have to be a crochet entrepreneur to do so!