Weekend in New York: my first Vogue Knitting Live

Or what happens when a Quebec crochet designer travels to the Big Apple to see her designs featured at the famous Vogue Knitting Live.

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Vogue Knitting Live montage of photos
From left to right, and top to bottom: With NaKeisha (gosadi), VeronaKnits, London Kaye, JF (Julie Asselin), Jessie at Home, the women behind RMR, in the gosadi grotto, Gabby (VKL), KnotBadBritt, Hillary (Nina Chicago), Michelle (gosadi et 144stitches) et Julie Asselin.
With Shelley from Spincushions

As I mentioned to the members of the Collectif, our Quebec events have no reason to envy those I visit in the United States. We often have the impression that American “stars” are more than we are, but I can confirm that they’re a lot like us, with their doubts and their desire for recognition.

xo Julie