Advice from experienced crocheters to those starting out!

A while back, I asked my readers to give me their words of encouragement & advice to those just learning crochet. Here are some of their answers. This page should just be in your favorites so you can come back to it as needed!

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Julie xx



Check your gauge! I know you’re excited to start, but do it. And if you can, take a class with a reputable teacher!



Add stitch markers to the start of rows and rounds & always count your stitches!



When you’re just starting, you’re going to have to start over a lot. Don’t get discouraged: it happens to all of us. That’s how you get experience: through patience!



I’d say that mistakes are what make you learn! Don’t be afraid to ask for help, and don’t skip steps. Crocheting the same stitch over and over when you’re tired won’t help. You’re better off waiting until you’re full of energy to learn.



You’re not going to reproduce what you see in the pattern photo the 1st time… Crochet can hurt your hands and wrists if you do it too long… Do not forget to make things for yourself when you start, otherwise you’ll like this art less.



Buy the yarn you want to crochet with. I like hand spun and indie dyed yarn, I’m much more motivated to crochet if I’m working with yarn that I like.



Be patient and don’t be afraid to rip it out and start over or do like I do and just keep going if you’re too far in because I’m not a perfectionist. I do it for fun ….have fun!



Try the hard patterns, even if you think your skills aren’t “there” yet! The more you try or practice, the better you’ll become….none of us became good at crochet overnight!



There is no right or wrong way to hold the hook and yarn. Do what is comfortable for you. Don’t get discouraged, you’ll get it and will soon be hooked! (pardon the pun)



Tension is key to making a perfect project, not too tight not too loose. Second only to gauge! Gauge swatch always!!!



Take your time. Learn to read patterns right when you start, so you don’t create bad habits and assume you just can’t crochet. Ask questions. Frog as needed. Learn each step without rushing, even those steps you like less.



Take care of your hands and wrists. Stretch before-during-after crocheting, and relax your neck and shoulders. At first, you’ll be tense because of stress/concentration. You really do not want to injure yourself. You need your tools : hands.



What helped me when I started was to look at charts & written instructions. I got used to the stitches this way, and now I can work with charts alone. And don’t forget the swatch…



Always count your stitches, or use stitch markers every 5-10 stitches. I’m teaching someone and this what has helped her the most



Start with the basics: chaining and single crochet. Use a light colored yarn so you can see your stitches clearly, and use a large hook to see your stitches. Take your time and practice.



Use markers at every row or round (at both ends if you have trouble remembering where the first stitch of the previous row is), count your stitches! But have fun and it’s ok to put your project in time out!



Make kilometers of chains until they’re all pretty and even. Then, work around a closed circle: it’s easier than figuring out where to stitch into chains and work rows. I think granny squares are a good place to start.



In my opinion you should start by testing a bunch of hooks (straight, with handles, with thumb print). They are not one size fits all.



As you know, you quickly become addicted to crochet! Swatching is essential, but so is blocking to make your piece keep its shape!



Take your time; hold the hook and yarn in what is okay for you; learn in what is best for you – written or visual; and most of all don’t let others push you beyond your comfort level.



Don’t get discouraged! It’s rare that our first stitches are perfect. Persevere! And learn to read patterns! It’s so much more fun than trying to keep up with a YouTube video. Experiment! Change the colour of the yarn: your project does not have to be a replica of the original!



Don’t find twenty different patterns and get overwhelmed trying to do everything. You have time to take it slow.



Start with a simple yarn, pale. Don’t go under a 4.5 or 5mm hook so you can see your stitches well. I wish I’d known this.


Tracy Marie

I would say to never underestimate the importance of making a gauge swatch when following a pattern that includes a gauge swatch.



When you follow your first pattern, it might not be perfect. Don’t be scared to start over. Persevere! Videos can help a lot – you can work and look at them to make things easier.



Ch, sl st, sc, hdc, dc…. these are all you need to know! 99% of patterns are just a combination of these stitches!



This is a really expensive hobby to have.



Don’t use acrylic !

ACCROchet Sometimes it’s fine. I usually suggest to buy the best yarn you can afford, one project at a time. You’ll spend so much time on it, might as well be enjoyable. I prefer natural, but sometimes that’s impractical!



I’m more of a knitter, I’m just starting to crochet. I think that with either of these, your tools will absolutely help. Moi je



Learn to read yarn labels. Use the right hook for the yarn, and the right yarn for the project (for example, you need nylon in socks, cotton does not hold heat in, etc.)



Trust yourself. You can accomplish a lot. Get help from teachers or YouTube!


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