I got to test: Chetnanigans crochet solutions

If you have not yet heard of Chetnanigans, you are in for a TREAT! And you should read on because I have quite a treat for you. Read to the end for a special coupon code just for YOU!

Chetnanigans is Sean & Holly O’brien. Sean is a genius wood worker, with a knack for real crochet solutions. Sean sent me 2 hook products for review: a hook stand, and a hook workstation for my Furls CandyShop hooks. He is also making a beautiful workstation for 1 lucky person from my facebook page (announced on Facebook on Sept. 1).

Chetnanigans - Mine
Chetnanigans – Mine

After a few weeks with my Chetnanigans products, I can honestly say I have found 0 cons. So I’ll just go ahead and list the pros:

Workmanship and Quality: Both products I received are really well made. The wood is beautiful. There are no rough bits, everything is perfectly finished. There are even little cushions underneath to protect both the stand/worstation and whatever they happen to be on at the time.

I know a few other people who work with wood (my dad, for one) and so I know what quality work looks like. It looks like this.

Actual usefulness to me & Look: I own a LOT of hooks, a LOT of hooks as part of my collection of 5 mm hooks, and a LOT of complete hook series (Furls, Clover, etc). These hooks are held in various pots, in a small vintage armoire I have from my grandma. Cute… but when I am looking for a hook it can be a while.

Having my Furls CandyShop hooks in this stand looks great, but it also is so much easier to see the hooks I need as they aren’t in a mess of other hooks. And the workstation looks great. It simply does. It has taken place of honour for the last few weeks.

Price & Extras: The price on these is more than reasonable considering the above pros, and the time these probably take to create. Again, I know wood workers. I know what goes into these handmade items. Plus, I received the stand with a pair of scissors & yarn needle that have their own spots built-in, and the workstation with stitch markers, a tape measure, a yarn needle & a darning needle.

The actual test though, of whether or not I can really recommend you visit the shop & encourage Sean through your purchases is what happened to me next: I put more Chetnanigans goodies in my cart for myself. I’m not sending you somewhere I ain’t going, you know?

In my cart right now:


Chetnanigans 12'' Adjustable BlocksAll Plus Blocking Board
Chetnanigans 12” Adjustable BlocksAll Plus Blocking Board

The 12″ Adjustable BlocksAll Plus Blocking Board

Chetnanigans Broomstick Lace Pin Trio
Chetnanigans Broomstick Lace Pin Trio

Broomstick Lace Pin Trio


and I may also spoil myself with this beauty at some point:

Chetnanigans Premier Series 'Elite' Crochet Hook Organizer Workstation
Chetnanigans Premier Series ‘Elite’ Crochet Hook Organizer Workstation

The Premier Series “Elite” Crochet Hook Organizer Workstation

Definitely check out & follow Sean & Chetnanigans all over the web:

Website * Facebook * Etsy 

Readers of this website can use coupon code: ACCROCHET15 to save 15% on their order from now until September 17, 2016.

Canada/International: please contact Sean through the Etsy shop to place your orders. The coupon is valid for you too, but Sean will be working directly with you regarding delivery when outside the US.

Julie xx


Here are the winners of the Facebook Contest:

Cyndi Lambert wins a work station! Elise Beauchamp wins the hook stand pictured above!

Congrats to you both!


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