Featured fiber artist: Chantal of Fibres Fantastiques

I am quite fortunate to have in my life a LOT of crochet designers & other avid crocheters, yarn addicts, and creative people. I believe that we all have a space in the crochet world, and as such, I want to introduce you to them. Let me introduce you to Chantal Payment!


Les Fibres Fantastiques

Chantal is the brain & hands behind Fibres Fantastiques (aptly name: Fantastic Fibers). Trying to justify her yarn spending (the other half was starting to view it as a bit much), Chantal one day decided to launch a crochet business. After her nth owl hats, she got seriously bored. She decided to try her hand at pattern design instead. This was fun, but pushed her ever further into the world of yarnaholics. Her stroke of genius came right then: why not dye her yarns? She could thus ensure the perfect colours everytime & get to play with colours and fibers! So this is what she does now, under the name Fibres Fantastiques, headquartered in her basement, and helped by her 2 colourful monsters, by far her favorite creations ever.

En attendant le printemps, Chantal Payment

Here is one of her beautiful crochet patterns, the En attendant le printemps socks (available in English).

And here are 2 patterns created by other designers with her beautiful yarns!


Left, Stellar by La Rose du Rang. *** Right, Girl on Fire by ACCROchet

Discover Fibres Fantastiques now:

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Julie xx

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