I was at the CGOA conference in Chicago

Last week, I got to spend 5 days in the suburbs of Chicago for the CGOA, Crochet Guild of America conference. It was my 2nd time at this event.

As a designer working with American designers & publications, and also as a member of the Guild, I simply had to go. The conference, however, is not mostly aimed at designers, but at avid crochet fans as the Guild’s aim is to promote crochet in the US and in the world.

It’s a great opportunity to see your designer friends & take classes to further your crochet. I took 2 classes this year, and I’m sure I’ll be talking about them more when I start applying what I learned to my designs.

In the interest of showing you things I didn’t show you last year, here are pics that don’t duplicate designers =)

Top: My Kinda ThingMarly Bird
Bottom: Briana K (my roomie!) – A Crocheted Simplicity.

These are just 4 of the people with whom I got to talk crochet & design for 5 days =) And in order to not forget anyone, I’m not naming people other than those in pictures. Know that if you think of an American designer you like, she was probably there. This year, I roomed with Briana again. I love continuity.

Throughout the conference, crochet was the focus. Check out this stunning creation called Queen Bee and crocheted by Gina Gallina with Red Heart yarns!

Here is Gina, wearing one of her creations:

She is, without a doubt, one of the warmest people I’ve ever met.

Here is her friend, Sparky, wearing another one of her designs:

Being in Chicago, we absolutely had to try deep dish pizza. That’s how 4 tourists (Florida, Texas & Canada) found themselves selfying near this brick wall after dinner.

You’ll have recognized Briana & I. We went with Harrison of Furls, and his girlfriend/weekend assistant, Brantly. Both of them are absolutely wonderful to hang out with. And I’ll just say this: Furls is launching all new stuff soon and you will NOT want to miss a thing!

These last 3 photos are as follows, from left to right:

Jodi, a Montreal friend who moved to Chicago more than 16 years ago. We had lunch together at the Cheesecake Factory, where I confirmed that appetizers are double-meal sized. But so GOOD! At Marly Bird’s PJ party, two of us were sporting Snapdragon Brand (love!!!). And lastly, a pre-banquet selfie.


That banquet was also the fashion show. SO much WOW, people! You MUST go see Kathy & Elena ‘s videos. I have a bunch of new things to add to my favorites/must crochet!  Videos are over here.

But yeah, I didn’t just party! In addition to the classes I took, I promoted myself, my designs, my networks & my passion to publishers, yarns, et al who need to know about us, over here, in French & Bilingual-landia =) It was good to note that they are excited by our passion, designs, and feel.

I did have to come home =) My flight was so early that it was simpler to just not sleep the last night. =!

But I’m back, more inspired and dedicated than ever to crochet, to crochet in French, to crochet in English, to CROCHET, that’s all.

Julie xx

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