Reintroducing myself

I won this amazing personalized illustration recently, from artist Rose Pastel Art. I definitely wanted to share it, but… how to caption it?

Illustration by Rose Pastel Art

How about… reintroducing myself?

My name is Julie. I am an avid crocheter based in Deux-Montagnes Qc, a small town located on Montreal’s North shore. I’m a wife, mom, and step mom.

I say that I’m an avid crocheter, but I don’t think that quite captures it.

I live and breathe crochet.


I started crocheting a loooong time ago. That passion led me to tweaking patterns… and then to designing my own under the name ACCROchet (addicted to crochet).

To date, there are 160 listings in my Ravelry shop. I started as a generalist, but now focus primarily on sock patterns and Tunisian crochet patterns.


I teach crochet to anyone willing to learn it – from beginners to those wanting to learn more adventurous techniques. I am all for adding more crocheters to the world =)


I also thrive on collaboration. That led me to create a niche collective of French-speaking crochet professionals, Francrochet, Le Collectif. We are currently more than 30 professional members and more than 4 200 crochet-loving members.

Services provider.

Not content to leave it at that, I also offer different services to fiberarts or other creative entrepreneurs. Translation, tech editing, copy editing, other communications, marketing, etc. I love to learn about different topics and lift others up through what I learn.

Hit me up if you want to chat. I am always eager to meet new creative people !

xo Julie