Review: Step into Crochet, Rohn Strong

Unless you’ve been hiding under a very large rock, you know I am into crocheting socks, and designing crochet socks. In the US, I believe that Rohn Strong is THE crochet sock designer. It’s therefore fitting that Interweave, through F+W Media, published this gorgeous book of socks designed by Rohn.

Step Into Crochet (c) F&W Media

I pre-ordered my copy as soon as I heard about this book, and have had it with me for a few weeks now. Enough that I can tell you that you MUST get it for yourself.

This is more than a pattern book! It’s also a mini encyclopedia of crochet socks, their differences with knit socks, and how to maximize the way crochet works to create a sock you’ll actually wear.

There are 18 patterns in the book. All 18 are projects I want to make, which never actually happens! Here are just 3:

And even as an already-avid sock crocheter, this book has taught me a few things =)

Get it now on Amazon.

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