To swatch or not to swatch?

When starting something new, do you take the time to check your gauge?
You really should.. Really, really. I can’t stress this enough. DO IT!
Swatching will ensure you have the proper fit & are happy with your finished project. You can’t know how loosely or tightly each designer crochets, or whether she was stressed or relaxed when she made this piece. My own tension changes whether I am calm or not.
I was sure I needed a 5.5 for Akroche Tatuk‘s pattern but nope. Swatching proved I needed a 5. Imagine the huge hat I’d have ended up with if not for those 10 minutes…
crochet swatch
PS If you’re wondering about my own gauge instructions: you start your work & measure when you have achieved the required sts and rows/rounds. At worst you start over; at best you’re on your way!