Featured fiber artist: Briana of BrianaK

I am quite fortunate to have in my life a LOT of crochet designers & other avid crocheters, yarn addicts, and creative people. I believe that we all have a space in the crochet world, and as such, I want to introduce you to them.

It’s in this spirit that I want you to meet Briana of Briana K.

Here are only 3 of Briana’s beautiful crochet patterns. And read to the end for a super coupon code & a contest! 


You’ll find the Cabled Jacket Chameleon Style here, the Robot Sleeping bag here, and the Unicorn hooded cowl here.


About Briana:

Briana’s crochet journey (imagine her hiking through mountains with a backpack full of yarn) began with wanting to make something for her unborn child. Unfortunately when her mom was re-teaching her, she went into labor and the new grandma finished the project. A few months later she learned to make her first hat, a lopsided horrible looking Mickey Mouse hat. But eventually it clicked and the passion only has grown. She has a love for knitting, felting, and spinning and everything fiber.

In early 2014 Briana K changed her Etsy shop from selling physical items to patterns. She needed constant stimulation and making the same item over and over was killing her passion. Now she is a full time designer and we never know what she will do next. She is a constant learner and loves getting her hands on new stitches. The fiber arts world is so inspiring to Briana K!

She herself is so inspiring!

Julie xx


You’ll find all of Briana’s patterns on Ravelry.

If you use code ACCROCHET you’ll save 30% off your entire purchase in Briana’s shop until May 15!

And comment right here for your chance to win 3 BrianaK patterns (1 winner). Ends May 15th.


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